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So as you may have seen, I got inspired to do a round-up of suggested actions!

It'd be nice to do a round-up every week, I think, though with the current level of activity I think it might not reward the effort too well. Maybe monthly? I'm going to start trying to post more suggested actions and keep an eye out for useful stuff as it comes up on Twitter/Facebook/etc, I think.

We also talked about having a weekly check-in, and I'd still like to set up some stuff to do with tagging. I don't think we'll need a weekly rota unless we get a serious boost in activity, but again... maybe a monthly thing?

Which is to say, maybe we could talk about:

A person a month volunteering to do tag-modding (basically: going through posts and making sure there are tags and they're reasonably up-to-do)
A person a month posting a round-up of current viable activities (weeding out the stuff that's expired or no longer relevant, adding new stuff, posting the list)
A person a month posting a check-in post

The check-in post is reasonably low-effort once we have a template, but the other two are fairly admin-ey tasks. I feel like I'd be up for doing one of these a month regularly, so I probably only need 2-3 people to spot me.

Is anyone up for helping to, say, take on the tag-modding in May, and I'll grab the round-up?

(Also I'm up for discussing different approaches to this, so please feel free to weigh in on this entire idea!)
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Hey all.

My spoons have taken a serious nosedive the last week or so, not sure why except depression is continuing to eat my head.

Would someone be up for a) volunteering to join me as an admin for the comm and b) maybe making and looking after a tag-modding sign-up post so we can get the ball rolling there? (I'm thinking of maybe a weekly rota with one person per day, plus people volunteering to cover in an emergency if possible, but if someone can think of a better way of running it please go ahead.)

a) and b) don't have to be the same person, though I think it will also make sense for tag mods to be admins (it makes sense for tagging to be admin-only, I think, 'cause that will make curating easier). In fact a few people signing up to be comm admins would be fantastic. I'm up to making people admins, just monitoring the tag-modding post and keeping control of that feels like too much right now. :/

Thanks, folks.
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I’ve been thinking that it would be useful to have a central post (possibly a sticky post?) for people to leave comments with links that aren’t immediate action things or that go to somewhere that has a lot of different things going on or to somewhere that features information that will be useful long term. Someone would then compiled submitted links, sorting them by type (more on that below).

My assumption is that keeping up with submitted links wouldn’t take a lot of time at any one time, so I’m willing to undertake the task. If it gets to be too much, I’ll ask for help, but this is the sort of thing that I know I can do.

Lots of questions and more details )

I’m now also thinking that a sticky post index to some or all posts in the community might also be useful, but tags will cover that to some extent, so is that something we might need/want? If we do, would it be for all posts or just for some? I think it would be most useful for things that don’t have expiration dates. If we do want it, is anyone up to taking on the job?


Nov. 20th, 2016 11:34 pm
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I'm thinking about tagging posts - specifically the action-suggestion posts that we've already started generating (yay!).

I think we need a) a tagging scheme and b) a roster of people/mods who would be willing to tag entries. For this purpose I think it might make sense to restrict tagging to mods only - that way we can curate the tags a bit more easily.


a) Tagging scheme
I'm thinking that we could have, for example, tags like:
req: personal info
req: mental
req: physical

location: wherever (obviously for in-person events these things will be probably town-specific, which means we might end up with quite a few if the place gets busy, but we have a 1000-tag limit so we don't need to worry too much about proliferation yet)

current for things that either don't have a deadline or haven't passed it yet

Plus an "action" tag just to differentiate those posts from... discussion posts like this, people's questions, general advice, etc.

Any other thoughts on what tags we might use?

b) Tagging mods

I think that if we go with my method here, we'd be looking at two tasks for tag mods

- go through the new/untagged posts and adding appropriate tags, maybe once a day
- go through the "current" tag and check for stuff that's passed its deadline, expired, the link is now broken, whatever - probably less often than daily, once a week might be fine for this?

So the question here is who'd be willing to do that? If you don't know how to do it technically I'd be happy to describe or hop on IM to explain! (I'm not generally up for Skype or other voice or video calls at the moment, sorry.)

ETA: I'm an idiot! I didn't mean that one person has to do the tag-modding every day for the rest of time! I'm looking for a group of us who can do the modding and hopefully cover for each other in times of sickness/exhaustion/overwhelm/etc so we are each only doing one every few days. (Hopefully less potential for burnout that way.)

Thanks folks!
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How about something like a one-activity-per-post system?

For example:
Suggested activity: Sign this petition / donate to this cause/fundraiser / submit an article(/story/poem/piece of art/wevs) to X submission call / attend X event / whatever

Possibly followed by the submitter filling in a short form, like:
Location: (for meatspace events)
Time estimate: (5 minutes, an evening, whatever) (Possibly we could have a classification system, something like: short, under 10 mins, medium, under an hour, long, under a day, very long, something that takes sustained effort over days or weeks?)
Deadline: (eg petitions and fundraisers are likely to have a closing date)
Does this require me to: leave the house?, spend money?, expend mental spoons (eg: writing something)?, expend social spoons (eg making a phone call, show up in a chatroom)?, make a decision (eg how much to donate)?, reveal personal information (eg petitions sometimes require full name and postal/zip code)?

Mods could then show up and tag submissions depending on the contents of the form or perhaps our own research if some questions are left unanswered. Maybe that could be a once-a-day thing? Then we'd have a nice searchable archive of things-to-do.

(For actions with a deadline, we could tag them "current" and "deadline" or something, and have a mod scroll through current+deadline things every now and then to take "current" off the ones that have expired.)

Brainstorming questions:
* Does this seem like a good idea?
* How would you modify it to work better?
* What other tags might we add to make the list more accessible?
* How to organise tag moderation so that tag-modding is also reasonably accessible?

Answer any, all or none - just saying hi is fine!


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