Nov. 20th, 2016

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Link: Avaaz,, 38 Degrees, UK Parliament, White House
Location (if relevant): Online
Deadline: None
Time estimate: 15 minutes
Requirements: mental / social / personal information
Anything else:

Join one of the major petition/activism sites, so that it remembers your details for future petitions, lowering the barrier to signing things. Tick the marketing boxes to say if you want them to send you other petitions you may be interested in based on things you've already signed. It makes finding and signing future petitions easier, and you'll get notified of big/important things.
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If cuts to Universal credit go ahead, hard-working families will be left struggling to pay for things like school shoes and the weekly shop. The fact these cuts will hit hardest for families who want to work more hours just doesn't make sense.

No one should be left out of pocket because they want to work more. Will you please use the Autumn Statement to reverse plans to cut support for hard-working families?

There's an option to donate after you sign.

Link: Sign this petition
Time estimate: 2 mins
Required: personal information (name, email address, postcode), money (optional), decision-making (optional: how much to donate)
Restriction: UK only (probably; UK-specific issue, and it asks for a postcode, I haven't checked whether it rejects a non-UK postcode)
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Location: (if relevant)
Deadline: (if relevant)
Time estimate:
Requirements: money / mental / physical / social / personal information / decision-making / other
Anything else:

For easy c&p with bolding:

If you have suggestions for how to modify this template to make it more accessible or otherwise better, please leave a comment! We'll update this post with any changes.

(ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] rmc28 and [personal profile] alatefeline for help putting this together!)


Nov. 20th, 2016 11:34 pm
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I'm thinking about tagging posts - specifically the action-suggestion posts that we've already started generating (yay!).

I think we need a) a tagging scheme and b) a roster of people/mods who would be willing to tag entries. For this purpose I think it might make sense to restrict tagging to mods only - that way we can curate the tags a bit more easily.


a) Tagging scheme
I'm thinking that we could have, for example, tags like:
req: personal info
req: mental
req: physical

location: wherever (obviously for in-person events these things will be probably town-specific, which means we might end up with quite a few if the place gets busy, but we have a 1000-tag limit so we don't need to worry too much about proliferation yet)

current for things that either don't have a deadline or haven't passed it yet

Plus an "action" tag just to differentiate those posts from... discussion posts like this, people's questions, general advice, etc.

Any other thoughts on what tags we might use?

b) Tagging mods

I think that if we go with my method here, we'd be looking at two tasks for tag mods

- go through the new/untagged posts and adding appropriate tags, maybe once a day
- go through the "current" tag and check for stuff that's passed its deadline, expired, the link is now broken, whatever - probably less often than daily, once a week might be fine for this?

So the question here is who'd be willing to do that? If you don't know how to do it technically I'd be happy to describe or hop on IM to explain! (I'm not generally up for Skype or other voice or video calls at the moment, sorry.)

ETA: I'm an idiot! I didn't mean that one person has to do the tag-modding every day for the rest of time! I'm looking for a group of us who can do the modding and hopefully cover for each other in times of sickness/exhaustion/overwhelm/etc so we are each only doing one every few days. (Hopefully less potential for burnout that way.)

Thanks folks!


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