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Corey Alexander is at high risk of homelessness and needs your help.

Two years ago, Corey was hit by a car. Ever since the hit and run, they have been struggling with substantially increased PTSD symptoms and chronic pain. These symptoms worsened at the beginning of 2016. Corey was no longer able to work and went into full time psychiatric treatment. After treatment, they were not able to return to work, and will not able to return to work in the near future (if at all).

Corey has been living on state disability (SDI) for the last year, and has applied for federal disability (SSDI), but the application process takes a long time. Right now, it is not clear when SSDI will kick in; and state disability is running out in May.

There is NO chance Corey will begin receiving SSDI in May. In other words, at the end of May, Corey will be without the resources to pay for shelter, food, and medication. Corey's disability advocates are telling them that they are at high risk for homelessness.

Link: Donate here
Deadline: None given
Time estimate: <5 mins
Requirements: money; personal information: first name, last name, email address; decision-making
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