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For those of us in the UK, here's a useful Facebook post on how to vote to stop the Tories.

The post also links to a handy Google spreadsheet that breaks it down by constituency.
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- I went back through the archives and didn't see this posted, but the #ACALLADAY newsletter has been the single resources I've found most personally useful in getting myself to DO STUFF. There's also a Googledoc which is chock full of scripts and ideas, as well as doing a weekly call to action, where there's an issue of the week to call about, presumably in the name of strength in numbers.

- Relatedly, this comic on "How to call your reps when you have social anxiety" was excellent for me.

- Last, from Bustle.com, "How to protest when you're socially anxious."

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Link: Avaaz, change.org, 38 Degrees, UK Parliament, White House
Location (if relevant): Online
Deadline: None
Time estimate: 15 minutes
Requirements: mental / social / personal information
Anything else:

Join one of the major petition/activism sites, so that it remembers your details for future petitions, lowering the barrier to signing things. Tick the marketing boxes to say if you want them to send you other petitions you may be interested in based on things you've already signed. It makes finding and signing future petitions easier, and you'll get notified of big/important things.


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