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The Russian LGBT Network is a team of dedicated people and organizations that promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Your donations will be used to support such programs as “Emergency support”, “The Hotline”, “Psychological support”, “Legal Support”.

The emergency support program to back up the survivors of homophobic hate crimes and activists and organizations suffered because of their activities.

The Hotline provides free primary psychological and legal consultations for LGBT community all over Russia.

The psychological support is the program that provides the psychological help in a range of situations: in case of homophobic pressure, violence, violation of rights; in what concerns self-assertion and aspirations to know who you are; in the issues of gender identity; in establishing relationships with parents, families, friends and children; in relationships with partners, etc.

A team of legal advisers provide for consultation as pertains to matters and cases related to sexual orientation or gender identity independent of residence area as part of the Legal support program. These consultations are generally rendered face-to-face (e-mail, Skype or via Hot Line).

We believe that together we work towards the same goals and together we can be part of the movement for equal rights for everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Link: Donate here
Time estimate: <5 minutes
Requirements: money; personal information (full name, preferred name, email address, age group); decision-making
Anything else: You can read their statement on Chechnya here. Via [site community profile] dw_news.


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