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So as you may have seen, I got inspired to do a round-up of suggested actions!

It'd be nice to do a round-up every week, I think, though with the current level of activity I think it might not reward the effort too well. Maybe monthly? I'm going to start trying to post more suggested actions and keep an eye out for useful stuff as it comes up on Twitter/Facebook/etc, I think.

We also talked about having a weekly check-in, and I'd still like to set up some stuff to do with tagging. I don't think we'll need a weekly rota unless we get a serious boost in activity, but again... maybe a monthly thing?

Which is to say, maybe we could talk about:

A person a month volunteering to do tag-modding (basically: going through posts and making sure there are tags and they're reasonably up-to-do)
A person a month posting a round-up of current viable activities (weeding out the stuff that's expired or no longer relevant, adding new stuff, posting the list)
A person a month posting a check-in post

The check-in post is reasonably low-effort once we have a template, but the other two are fairly admin-ey tasks. I feel like I'd be up for doing one of these a month regularly, so I probably only need 2-3 people to spot me.

Is anyone up for helping to, say, take on the tag-modding in May, and I'll grab the round-up?

(Also I'm up for discussing different approaches to this, so please feel free to weigh in on this entire idea!)
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