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Here is the stuff that's active from the past few weeks of activity! I've included a link to each post, plus direct links where possible.

Promote [community profile] spoonlessactivists! * post
Holiday gift activism (seasonal, but could be replicated for birthdays!) * post
Sign up to petition site(s) * post

Donate to the Russian LGBT Network * post * direct link
Weezie's Medical Fees * post direct link
Help Corey Resist Homelessness * post * direct link
Emergency in Chechnya * post * direct link
Help Perseus move from sexually & emotionally abusive home * post * direct link

Petitions - General
Audit the election results * post * direct link (NB: this is a US-specific topic, but it's on change.org with no restriction on location)
Stop cuts to Universal Credit * post * direct link (NB: UK-specific topic, but this one's on 38 Degrees)
Close the Gay Torture Camps * post * direct link
Chechnya: Stop Abducting and Killing Gay Men (Amnesty International) * post * direct link

Petitions - UK
General note: all petitions on the UK parliament website are now closing on 3 May because of the general election on 8 June
Put the final Brexit deal to a referendum * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)
Introduce Universal Basic Income in the UK * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)
Force the government to act on the eleven recommendations of the UNCRPD report * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)
Exempt Non-EU NHS professionals from £35,000 salary threshold * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)
Publicly confirm that gay men from Chechnya can seek asylum in the UK * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)
Scrap the "rape clause" and the "family cap" on social security payments * post * direct link (deadline 3 May)

Petitions - US
Tell the House GOP not to repeal the Endangered Species Act * post * direct link

Surveys - General
Donald Trump Media vs President Survey * post * direct link (US-related topic, but no location restriction)

Call Your Reps! - UK
Action for refugees * post

Call Your Reps! - US
Raise a Stink about HR 193 * post
Ask the House Oversight Committee to Audit Trump's Finances * post

Resources - General
How to call your rep when you have social anxiety * post * comic
How to protest if you're socially anxious * post * article
[personal profile] sasha_feather has some suggestions for what we can do as disabled people * post
[personal profile] davidgillon on using the UK disabled activist movement as a model for spoonless activists * post

Resources - UK
How to vote to stop the Tories * post * Facebook post * Google Doc

Resources - US
ACALLADAY newsletter * post * signup page
We're His Problem Now * post * Google Doc with call-your-rep resources

Pro-Diversity Art
Thes sale seems to be over, but The Other Side, a trans-themed comic anthology, is still available and looks pretty cool * post * anthology
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